We Plan… God Laughs

I am a planner.
I LOVE to know that I have all things ready.
I will stay up late, late, late just so I know things are prepared.
I enjoy taking care of little details and figuring out all the steps to meet an end goal.
I make lists and lists of lists I need to make.


Before I start to sound crazy… I believe there is a method to my madness. In being ULTRA-Prepared I have found that I am better equipped for those random, spontaneous occurrences. 

Here’s an example:

Being the Choir director at our church is a great way for me to over plan, organize, and ultimately “control”. I plan what I call “Music Set Lists” months and months in advance. I could simply just plan from week to week- but for one- My brain doesn’t work that way (Have I mentioned yet that I am a planner?). But there are several reasons why I don’t plan that way. I go about it by looking ahead in the schedule and look for special Sundays: Communion Sundays, Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ Easter Sundays, Compassion International Sunday, Baptist Men/Women Sundays, ETC. I then try to get a couple of Sunday’s that lead up to them to prepare our hearts for those Sundays. Then finding themes to sing about and share scripture or videos about. Then I look in the Hymnal and our other sources of music and read and read and read. Sometimes I may even plan to just sing certain verses (even in a different order, right CVBC Choir?!) that point towards a theme. Themes may include something big like expressing our “Thanksgiving” to God during that season… or it may simply be about the Blood of the Lamb, or the Rock of Ages, or the Holiness of God. All music will be selected to point to that theme so that we simply are not singing just because we are supposed to be singing at church… instead… there is great purpose behind each song and each word we sing. It is all to point us to a greater understanding of the Heart of our LORD as we worship Him.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who sees and is effected by this crazy planning though. There are times where I feel like a theme just didn’t work… and the people didn’t get it. That can be frustrating. Especially to the one who prayed and worked so hard on it. (Side Note: That’s when I remember Colossians 3:23!) But I remember that in that long planning process I am also preparing for a world of things to happen as well. For one- I think people may perceive me (occasionally) as some Schedule-Nazi that will refuse to shift plans. I hope that most people have experienced the contrary, though. You see, in my planning and focusing I feel I am more in-tune to how the Holy Spirit leads for each service. Because I have taken so much time to read, study, and seek out God’s will for each individual service- I am already hanging out with the Holy Spirit- so I am actually QUICK to change as I listen more closely. In a sense- all this planning leads to freedom in the Holy Spirit. It very easily could also lead to quenching the Holy Spirit, though.

It is possible, VERY possible, to plan God into a box.

In life, we plan based off of desires, fantasies, and ideals. We can plan a certain thing and then throw ourselves completely into it and nothing else at all. We can even plan good things- and they could still “cross the line” to become our will and not God’s. Don’t  get me wrong, it’s good to have goals & dreams. I’m a planner and I’m a dreamer. But more than anything… I want to be a God Follower. My prayer has changed to asking God to make my dreams and plans into the things HE wants for my life. I am finally to a point in my life where I am content in where God has me… but also open to a change. Its a funny place to be, I must say. I am happy and loving everything about the ministry God has given me now… but not so much so that I would be disobedient if He were to say: GO. I was recently asked about my 5-year plan. I started to laugh and explained that I, the planner, has NO CLUE what the next 5 years will hold for me. Before you know it I could be across seas serving my Lord and not have a husband or little family like I used to plan on. And not only have I learned to be content and at peace with that… I’ve become CRAZY EXCITED about that. There are desires in my heart that certainly remain as dreams for my future…. but they have been pushed down the To-Do List and first and foremost is to Honor, Obey, and Serve my LORD! And I ask you, what better plan could there be? 🙂


~ by Kendal on October 27, 2010.

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