Well, I know I have not used my blog in months- but in my mind I have written a lot of great stuff for kendalalley.com… ha!

I suppose the classic answer, “I’m too busy”, is the main reason why I have not been on here in awhile. But even more than that I’ve just been preoccupied on embarking a new chapter in my life to get on here– plus a lot of what I was thinking and wanting to share could definitely not be shared via the world wide web! ha!

I have a new job! I am working at a great church as a Youth & Children’s Pastor. I still have to pinch myself when I say that… I feel like I’m living in a dream world with my dream job. I am so thankful for this new journey. The word I keep using is, “excited”.

Of course with all the excitement and complete joy I have for being where I am and doing what I’m doing comes feelings of anxiety and heart ache. I miss my youth and family and friends from Crest View… more than words on a blog could ever say. But, glory to God, I am slowly with each day realizing that nothing could ever replace those experiences– and I’m beginning to truly appreciate everything that has shaped me into who I am today and using it to bring Glory to God instead of embracing the depression I could easily be feeling.

That being said- to my new church- I could not possibly be more excited and thrilled to be a part of the ministries here & to Crest View- I could not possibly miss or love you all anymore than I do right now. It’s amazing how you can feel two extreme things like that. The only answer I can have for the oxymoron that my life appears to be is that God has granted me His sweet and perfect peace. 🙂


~ by Kendal on March 3, 2011.

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