Some Thoughts On Leadership

I felt “the call” to be a leader in the church at a very early age. Actually- it happened at the point of my salvation experience. It was a Sunday night and I volunteered to play the piano. (I’m a musician… but the piano is not my instrument of choice, to say the least.) I played one of the few pieces I knew, “The Rose” (yes, the Bette Midler song) and I completely bombed. After I played I slumped into my pew, so disapointed in my performance. The pastor got up and before his sermon he opened up the floor for anyone to share anything God had put on their heart. A member of our church must have snuck in and sat on the back pew while I was playing. She had not been to church in a while. She shared that the reason why she had not been coming was because she was having a hard time dealing with the death of her grandmother. She had found herself struggling with why God would have taken her grandmother away. She finally mustered up the strength to come to church that night despite not really wanting to. She began to cry as she said that she now knew why God had brought her to church that night. She turned and looked to me sitting on the other side of the church. “My Grandmother’s name was Rose”, she said. She described how she felt God’s love and her grandmother’s love surrounding her as I played on the piano. I couldn’t tell you a word our pastor said that night. I just sat there… amazed… that God used me. Everything I had learned about God became real in that moment. And I was never the same.

Since then I have gone on to be “a leader” in any sense of the word. I was the girl who helped my teachers pass things out in my classes, I was the girl who loved being the lead of a show, I was the girl who sat first chair in more ensembles than I can recall, I was the girl that directed musicals, choirs, marching bands, plays, weddings. I’m starting to laugh as I write this because I sound like a pompous jerk! ha! But I like to think that I did all of these things out of God-Driven passion and God-Given gifts. All of which have lead me to my role of leadership that I experience (and struggle with) today.

I had a conversation the other week where I mentioned, “The more leaders I meet… the more I notice their universal problem with delegation.”

Sometimes it is easier for us to just do things ourselves. We know how we want it done, we know we can get it done efficiently, and we may recognize the fact that there are people ready & willing to help but- really, wouldn’t it take too long to stop and show them how to do it? So… why not just do it ourselves. Its really for the best.

Or is it?

I’ve really felt convicted of this… I would justify my lack of delegating in my mind and I had myself pretty convinced that I was in the right… but I know its not the way the church should be. Perhaps it was the crunch I felt in my schedule getting fuller when I began doing the music ministry at our church that pushed me to surrender to the conviction- but man, oh man… I feel even more busy now that I do delegate! I litterally have to stop and evaluate what I am planning and think… is there someone who could take this on? Is there a part of this event that someone else might want to help with? What are the spiritual gifts of the people around me? and How can I change my plans to include ways for them to experience using those gifts?

What I have found is that the ministries I am involved in are now multiplying. Which is what its all about. It’s not about how perfect our events are. Its not about the events being executed exactly how I may have envisioned it It’s about people coming to know Christ and getting to experience the power of Christ working through them.

A pastor’s role is to guide, shepherd, and equip. Sure, a pastor may be able to fold the bulletins for each Sunday- but why not invite a retired woman to come do it so that she knows she has helped. Sure, a pastor may be able to change the words on the church sign occasionally- but why not find a crew of guys to do it so that they take pride in what their church is saying to those that drive past the church. Sure, a pastor could teach a Sunday School class- but why not come along-side a person who has been spiritually gifted in teaching and equip them to lead a small group bible study. A pastor’s role is not to do everything in the church, even though they may have all the gifts to do so. It’s not all about job descriptions and personal qualifications.  A pastor’s role is to guide, shepherd, and equip.


~ by Kendal on April 1, 2011.

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